Sharon Garrison discusses self-taping at the April 23 workshop.

Members of the New Orleans Local attended the Self-Taping Audition Basics workshop presented by SAG-AFTRA member Sharon Garrison at the University of New Orleans on April 23. The presentation covered fundamentals of preparing for and taping an audition, including analyzing the project breakdown provided for the role, understanding the scene and your character’s role in it, memorizing the lines, managing your appearance, using the right lighting and background, choosing the right person to read with you, and selecting the right person to tape your audition. In addition to covering the mechanical requirements of the audition, Garrison noted the importance of appearing emotionally available, actively listening, breathing normally and making eye contact as well as seamlessly acting the role during the audition. She also discussed the pros and cons of self-taping versus using a paid producer to make your tape. The pros include cost savings and quick turnaround times versus better equipment, higher quality and the benefits of an experienced observer who can evaluate your results without bias.

Photo: Sharon Garrison discusses self-taping at the April 23 workshop.

This item was originally featured in the fall 2019 issue of
SAG-AFTRA magazine.

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