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Welcome to the SAG-AFTRA Seattle Local!

SAG-AFTRA is a lot like a large, diverse family - actors, singers, stunt performers, dancers and broadcast journalists drawn together in a common purpose. Nowhere is that more true than in the Seattle Local, where well-known faces and voices from TV and radio news and information work with digital media performers, voice artists and more to protect one another's interests in the increasingly complex and integrated media world. 

Our local has become a national leader within SAG-AFTRA in the protection of the right of journalists to do their jobs, without the interference of governments and others who would profit from restricting the public's right to know. We've been leaders in opposing the consolidation of media ownership because we know that citizens of a free society absolutely require a diversity of perspectives on the events that impact their lives.

And we're also leaders in the national battle to discourage actors and others from doing non-union work, which deprives the individual of the contributions needed to provide medical and retirement benefits. We know that succumbing to the lure of a quick but inferior pay check erodes the well-being of all performers. The race to the bottom hurts everyone.

We have an amazingly competent talent pool that includes actors in Alaska, Idaho, Montana and Washington. Projects shot in the Seattle area include feature films: Laggies, Lucky Them and Touchy Feely, as well as television series: Z-Nation, Twin Peaks, Grey's Anatomy, The Fugitive and Northern Exposure. We are a hub for commercial, voiceover, new media, audio books and independent film. And with the beautiful backdrop of the Pacific Northwest and great production incentives, your project will stand out from the rest!

For questions, comments or feedback, contact Seattle Executive Director Shellea Allen, whose information can be found in About Our Local.

Rik Deskin, Seattle Local President


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