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The Official E-Newsletter of the SAG-AFTRA Seattle Local
The Official E-Newsletter of the SAG-AFTRA Seattle Local
April 2017


Rik Deskin – President
Laura Kenny – Vice President (Actor/Performer)
Karen O’Leary – Vice President (Broadcast)
Maggie Stenson - Secretary

Dick Arnold
Abby Dylan
Adam Gehrke 
Rachel Glass
Scott Goldman 
Yulia Hancheroff
Ron Holmstrom
Cole Hornaday
Deborah Horne
Linda Kennedy 
John Patrick Lowrie
Steven Reeder




‘Keep Film in WA’ Means Keeping Film and TV Production in Washington State

Rik Deskin

By Rik Deskin
Actor, SAG-AFTRA Seattle Local President

I am an actor. You might be an actor, too. You want to work. I want to work. In the Seattle Local, which includes Alaska, Idaho, Montana and Washington. 

Washington state’s Motion Picture Competitiveness Program (MPCP), has entered its 10th year, overseen by Washington FilmWorks. The local film industry created the MPCP as an economic generator and jobs-creation program. Production companies film here, utilize local resources and hire local cast and crew. For every $1 invested, $10 comes back to our economy. The MPCP directs that companies can receive a rebate on work paid for in Washington. It is a win-win. 

Well, it could be a win-win. Click here to read more.