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The Official E-Newsletter of the SAG-AFTRA Seattle Local
The Official E-Newsletter of the SAG-AFTRA Seattle Local
August 2016


The SAG-AFTRA Seattle Local represents members working in Alaska, Idaho, Montana and the state of Washington.

2015-2017 Local Board

Rik Deskin – President
Laura Kenny – Vice President (Actor-Performer)
Karen O’Leary – Vice President (Broadcast)
Maggie Stenson - Secretary

Dick Arnold

Daniel Brockley 

Abby Dylan

Adam Gehrke 

Rachel Glass

Scott Goldman 

Yulia Hancheroff

Ron Holmstrom

Cole Hornaday

Deborah Horne

Linda Kennedy 

John Patrick Lowrie

Steven Reeder

Local Staff

Shellea Allen - Local Executive Director
Chris Comte - Contracts Administrator
Chelsea Harris - Membership Administrator

123 Boylston Avenue East, Suite A    
Seattle, WA 98102    

O (206) 282-2506    
F (206) 282-7073


Message from Local President Rik Deskin

Rik Deskin 

Hello Sisters and Brothers,

This past week, I had the privilege of working on a commercial as an extra. Since I normally book work as a principal performer, I needed to review the new Commercial Performer’s Agreement that we all have access to at the SAG-AFTRA website in the Production Center.

I did some review, and then arrived on set, receiving my contract and support documents to sign, and when I got down to the wardrobe section, I marked “3” since I had been asked to bring three items of wardrobe by the production supervisor, and I remembered having marked “3” the last time I worked as an extra under this agreement. 

As I was filling it out, the first AD noticed that I had marked “3” and then said I had to white it out. I told him I thought that since we brought three items with us, that we were then compensated for three items per the contract. At that time, I second-guessed myself and wanted to confirm my info, and a fellow actor from L.A. said that she was fairly sure that we all needed to mark “3,” so we were both looking up the info on our smartphones, and about a minute later the first AD came back and said that we were correct. 

I still wanted to be sure that we were all correct and then found the info, verifying what I thought I knew in the FAQ section of the commercials page. I was correct! There is a very helpful 55-second video featuring one of my fellow SAG-AFTRA colleagues that says that we do get paid a wardrobe allowance for every full set of wardrobe we are asked to bring in, which is typically three.

At the end of the day, I had another item to follow up on. One of my Portland colleagues was also on the shoot, engaged as a principal for two non-consecutive days plus a third-day fitting. They thought that they were hired in Seattle as a “local hire.” That was a red flag for me, as the issue of “local hires” has been a topic of conversation of late. I called staff and then emailed back and forth until everyone had the proper info, which was as I thought: She would be due travel pay on top of her scale (minimum per contract) rate. They were technically not a “local hire.”

Being a vigilant member, knowing our contracts and where to look is a benefit to all of us performers, regardless of your classification or which SAG-AFTRA agreement you are employed under. 

When you have time, explore the SAG-AFTRA website. You never know who you might be able to help with that knowledge.

In solidarity,

Rik Deskin
President, SAG-AFTRA Seattle Local