New York (October 4, 2007)—Screen Actors Guild member Joan Warren died September 26 after a long illness. Warren was a Screen Actors Guild National Board member and New York Board member from 1978-1984. She went on to serve on the Board of Trustees for the Screen Actors Guild-Producers Pension and Health Plan from October 1982 until her death. As a trustee she was especially active on the Finance Committee of the Plans, including a period as its chairperson.

“Joan was a true champion of the interests of performers,” said Screen Actors Guild Senior Advisor John McGuire, who served as a trustee with Warren. “She was especially dedicated to improving the financial assets of the Plans so that the pension and health benefits of SAG members would always be protected. Even during the difficult period of her illness, she insisted on participating by phone in the meetings of our Finance Committee. All of the trustees and staff of the Plans will greatly miss her grace, charm and unswerving commitment to the welfare of all performers.”


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