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The Official E-Newsletter of the San Diego Local
The Official E-Newsletter of the San Diego Local
September 2014


Martin Alvillar - President  
Tom Wirth - Vice President
Veronica Kahn - 2nd Vice President
Ruben Chato Hinojosa - Secretary

National Board Member:

Don Ahles

Local Board Members:

Bobbie Lange
Jim Morrison
Casey Robinson
Ruth Stehle

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You may contact local board members by email.


The SAG-AFTRA San Diego Local is an official sponsor of this year’s San Diego Film Festival, running Sept. 24-28. Members who are planning to attend the festival can take advantage of a special 20-percent discount for SAG-AFTRA members.

Get more information about the San Diego Film Festival schedule of events, and purchase your Film Festival passes here.

The 20-percent discount applies to VIP passes, festival passes and day passes (not to individual tickets). To access your SAG-AFTRA member discount, go to the website, click on “Buy Passes,” and enter discount code SAGAFTRA20.

SAGindie is also sponsoring the San Diego Film Festival this year, so look for the SAGindie presence. Click here to check out SAGindie.

Message from the President

Marty Alvillar

Greetings to all SAG-AFTRA San Diego members. The past year has been full of union activities and many contracts have been negotiated for the benefit of SAG-AFTRA members. A big welcome goes out to San Diego KPBS employees who successfully voted for representation by SAG-AFTRA and are negotiating their first contract.

Another success is the recently completed vote on the 2014 TV/Theatrical Contracts. It was approved overwhelmingly and establishes the first industrywide agreement covering performers in both primetime television and basic cable productions. I hope you remembered to vote! Click here for details.

Locally, the San Diego Local is a sponsor of the San Diego Film Festival this year (running from Sept. 24–28) and the union has negotiated a 20-percent discount on film festival passes for local SAG-AFTRA members (see article at left for details). Take advantage of the discount and enjoy great films and make connections with the San Diego film community.

We are also excited to announce the start of regular informal SAG-AFTRA member mixers. They will take place once a month, the third Tuesday at 7 p.m. at the Studio Diner. Put SAM (SAG-AFTRA Mixer) on your calendar. The first SAM will be on Sept. 16. No reservations needed, just show up and join us on the patio at Studio Diner. Meet other San Diego Local members and, of course, food and beverages are available for purchase at the diner.

Remember, our union is only as strong as our members. I encourage you to get involved in our union meetings. The next membership meeting will be in December, and as always, it’s a great time to celebrate and connect with other actors.

Warm regards,
Marty Alvillar