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The Official E-Newsletter of the San Diego Branch
The Official E-Newsletter of the San Diego Branch
January 2012

selena parker

by Selena Parker
Chair, San Diego Branch Women’s Committee

Richard Dreyfuss (American Graffiti, The Goodbye Girl and Jaws) has moved to San Diego and we hope to see him at local events.

Ed Harris (Appaloosa, Apollo 13), David Duchovny (X-Files, Californication) and William Fichtner (Black Hawk Down, Drive Angry) were here filming Phantom, in which many San Diego SAG members had roles.

Jerry Seinfeld was here recently doing his one-man show, which was sold out!

Mario Lopez from San Diego came to visit his family during his break from TV and films.

Movie star Robert Wagner headed a fundraiser during one of his many visits to San Diego.

Ted Danson was born in San Diego and came to town to promote his latest book about helping to save the oceans.

Jane Fonda, star of many films, was in a show at a San Diego casino, as was movie star Debbie Reynolds and her daughter Carrie Fisher.

Many stars, including Christian Slater and Harrison Ford, could be seen at Legoland with their families.

Jerry Mathers (Leave it to Beaver) was here helping raise funds for a local charity.

Fond farewell to movie icon Elizabeth Taylor, who came to San Diego when she launched her perfume line Passion. Fond farewell also to Academy Award-winner Cliff Robertson, who spent his childhood in La Jolla. They will be missed.

Email Selena with any Hollywood news for this column.


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don ahles

Greetings from the San Diego Branch National Director

by Don Ahles

Dear San Diego SAG Members,

It was great to see so many of you at the last general membership meeting — a packed house! I wish I could say it was all for me, but I know in fact it was all about our very special guest, Ken Howard. Thank you for allowing me to pinch hit for your San Diego Branch President Marty Alvillar, who was called away for work. We have come to count on the jubilant camaraderie our annual December meeting provides, as we shared dinner, saw old — I mean familiar — faces, exchanged information, and partook of those wonderful door prizes.

Now about our very special guest: It was a great honor and pleasure to introduce our national president of Screen Actors Guild, Ken Howard. President Howard was very generous with his time as he spoke candidly about the important issues affecting all actors. He spoke about the G1 Group for One Union, and how we have progressed on the necessary steps to bring our two great unions, SAG and AFTRA, together, and answered every member's question. We are so very close to an important milestone in SAG’s history, as the opportunity for protection of all performers under one union approaches reality.

Soon, the national boards of both SAG and AFTRA will be presented with the details of the merger plan for approval. If passed by the boards, this information will then be passed along to you, our members. It is a very exciting time to be involved in this union! The membership will have the ultimate power over the direction of this union, and I know you’ll make the right decisions.

I hope you find this New Year full of optimism and good health. Once again, thank you for affording me the opportunity to act as your representative. I truly appreciate acting on your behalf. And while I’m at it, many thanks to your San Diego Council and Branch Executive Director Steve Clinton for all the hard work and continuous effort in serving and promoting the San Diego Branch.

Finally, I want to give a tremendous thank you to National President Ken Howard for his leadership and vision for the future for Screen Actors Guild, and for his visit to the San Diego Branch and foregoing other obligations during the very busy month of December. My gratitude!

Yours very truly,
Don Ahles
National Director, San Diego Regional Branch

Ken Howard Ken Howard addresses members
Ken Howard addresses members.

Lorenzo Rodriguez, Lexie Wells and Leticia Cannon A winner claims her prize
First photo, Lorenzo Rodriguez, Lexie Wells and Leticia Cannon reading off the winners of the door prize raffle. Second photo, a winner claims her prize.

Moment of silence at the meeting Members listening
First photo, moment of silence at the meeting. Second photo, it was a full house of Branch members.

A Message from the Branch Executive Director

by Steve Clinton

As mentioned by your terrific National Board member, Don Ahles, San Diego was privileged to have SAG National President Ken Howard address the membership at our annual December membership meeting. As an integral entity in the ongoing One Union G1 committees that are meeting almost continuously to iron out details before presenting the plan to the membership, President Howard gave a vibrant and dynamic address to the members, staying to answer questions. It was most fitting that, after addressing the entire long and hard effort that has gone into the G1 process, the last question asked of President Howard was, “What can we do to help you?” I cannot speak for Ken, but I can’t help but think he came away impressed with the caliber of unionism in San Diego — I know I was.

Ken Howard addresses members

As most of you know, Phantom, starring Ed Harris, William Fichtner and David Duchovny, filmed in San Diego during the last quarter of 2011. I had the pleasure of visiting the set and most reports from the SAG performers indicated it was a pleasant shoot and they were well-treated. In speaking with some of the production crew, including the line producer, they, too, were happy shooting in San Diego, and I rather obviously indicated that this should be remembered when planning their next production location. Come back to San Diego — we’ve got what you need.

A couple of problems did occur, as they do with every production, and I want to remind all of you of contractual obligations by both parties. First, hazardous work: There is a big difference between scripted stunt work and what may seem to be hazardous background performer work.

The production is contractually required to notify you ahead of time for you to make a decision whether you will perform hazardous background work. When you are not notified, you have the right to refuse such work and receive a half-check or compensation for time worked, whichever is greater. If you decide to work, then you also have the right to negotiate with the production for additional hazardous pay prior to the performance. Call the SAG Background Department or your Branch office when in doubt. Please remember to report any and all injuries on set immediately.

Second, damage to your wardrobe will sometimes occur while working. In this instance, it is your responsibility to report the damage to the production and fill out a damage report before you wrap for the day.

It is my sincere and fervent desire that the entire San Diego Branch have a great and prosperous 2012.


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