San Diego 2008:07

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San Diego 2008:07


By Virginia Hawkins

On June 20, San Diego held our 75th SAG anniversary at the Photographic Arts Museum in Balboa Park. Only if you live in San Diego, do you have the right to complain about the weather. The “Weather God” and the museum air conditioner forgot to cooperate with our most important event of the year. It wasn’t gray May or June gloom, but a heat wave that lasted five days. However, actors are accustomed to unforeseen difficulties. We just call it show biz. We wiped our brows, drank wine, ate cake, bid on some really fun memorabilia and enjoyed a film reminding us of how and why the Guild was formed. We topped the evening off with the 1933 film The Invisible Man, starring Gloria Stuart, one of the founding members of the Guild. All in all, we are proud of the hard work by your council members.

I know you are all concerned about the negotiations between SAG and the AMPTP. If not, you should be. It has all been an uphill battle for our negotiators. Long, long hours have been battled out to give us the best opportunity to continue to be what we were born to be... actors... PAID ACTORS.

Last week we had a video conference with Washington, Arizona, San Francisco and San Diego for those members holding cards for both SAG and AFTRA. With only one day to gather as many participants as possible, the attendance was small but respectable. President Alan Rosenberg and National Executive Director and Chief Negotiator Doug Allen brought us up to date on the accomplishments and difficulties of both unions bargaining separately. This is especially hard on the 44,000 members that must vote in both unions. The main issues are new media compensation, saving our residuals and getting paid fairly on the re-use of our work.

There was time for us to ask questions and share our thoughts. There were strong sentiments expressed, although not everyone stayed to hear the answers. As your National Board representative, I and your San Diego Branch president expressed our support and solidarity for the SAG negotiating team. The negotiators on both sides of the table are the best in any business anywhere in the world. Our people continue to work tirelessly under the most undesirable conditions to get us the best deal possible.

As you know, AFTRA has now signed a contract with AMPTP. SAG is still at the negotiating table. Our dual members had very difficult decisions and should not be criticized regarding their choices.

President Rosenberg has sent us an e-mail reminding the members that the Commercials Contract, Basic Cable Live Action Agreement, Basic Cable Animation Agreement, Television Animation Agreement, Interactive Media Agreement, Internet Agreement, and Industrial & Educational Contract are unaffected by the status of these negotiations, and members should continue to audition and work under them as usual. Members also should continue to work under the TV/Theatrical Contract as usual unless notified otherwise.



By Hrair Messerlian

San Diego has been busy with a slew of activities taking place. On May 20, our membership meeting was preceded by a special council meeting wherein new appointments were made for council officer positions. San Diego President Tom Norwood had previously tendered his resignation, leaving a vacant seat to be filled. As a result, the council appointed Don Ahles as the new branch president, Tom Wirth as the new vice president and Martin Alvillar as the new secretary.

The new appointments were announced later that evening at the membership meeting. We had a good turnout with a barbecue “meet and greet” preceding the meeting and the screening of a SAG Foundation video about the film industry during the 1930s and the founding of Screen Actors Guild. The members who stayed for the movie were riveted to their seats by the excellent quality of the production.

On the work front, we recently have had a couple of low budget productions come to town as well as a Hilton commercial. But most notably, we are excited to hear that Stu Segall studios has picked up a 20th Century Fox TV show called The Ex List, to be aired on CBS. If you are interested, contact Background San Diego for possible background work and D. Candis Paule for possible principal roles.

Please support SAG’s efforts to negotiate a fair deal with employers. San Diego members had a rare opportunity to discuss negotiations with National President Alan Rosenberg, National Executive Director and Chief Negotiator Doug Allen, and Deputy National Executive Director of Contracts Ray Rodriguez. This Member Town Hall Meeting was held via video conference on June 26. After brief remarks by President Rosenberg, Doug Allen gave a PowerPoint presentation as he updated the members on the TV/Theatrical Contract negotiations. He also discussed the present relations between SAG and AFTRA. The meeting was open for questions and all questions were addressed. Members remained after the video conference so that they could converse further amongst themselves. Although the meeting was created on short notice, the room was filled with intelligent and concerned members. If there is a future opportunity for such a town hall meeting, I strongly encourage members to attend.

The San Diego Branch also celebrated SAG’s 75th anniversary at the Museum of Photographic Arts in Balboa Park on June 20. The event was attended by our casting directors, agents, governmental dignitaries, members and their guests. To have called it a balmy night would be an understatement, as the air conditioning did not kick in until later in the evening. The hearty attendees enjoyed each others’ camaraderie, refreshments and light fair. Entertainment included a video montage retrospective, a silent auction and a raffle of classic photographs and other memorabilia. The evening was capped by a city council resolution congratulating the Guild on its 75 years, read by Kristin Camper of City Councilmember Donna Frye’s office, as well as a screening of the 1933 Universal film The Invisible Man, starring founding SAG member Gloria Stuart.

Although San Diego members have already celebrated the 75th anniversary, continue to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Screen Actors Guild all year long with special items from Buy a T-shirt or polo, and wear it proud.

I’d like to share some year-end statistics with you. The San Diego Branch has had 51 new members join the branch, an additional 41 transfer in from other branches and 57 transfers out to other branches. There have also been more work calls than you are probably aware of:

Commercials: 33
Industrials: 10
Theatrical: 33
Television: 39
Interactive: 2
Internet: 1

No better case can be made for you to make sure you are available on iActor. Don’t put yourself at a disadvantage because you are not listed. Find out more at You may also call (323) 549-6451, or write to

Finally, stay in touch. We hope you’re enjoying your e-newsletter. Send your comments, questions and suggestions for topics to me at


By Selena Parker
San Diego Branch Women’s Committee Chair

Our local 75th anniversary celebration of Screen Actors Guild's founding was a huge success. The Museum of Photographic Arts in Balboa Park was the venue for the gala. The members enjoyed a cocktail reception, which was attended by many producers and casting agents. Footage of past national presidents (including Charlton Heston, Dennis Weaver, Ed Asner and Patty Duke) was shown. Alan Rosenberg, our current president, gave a special message to San Diego.

In other San Diego news:

Frank Sinatra, Jr. sang a tribute to his father and his music at a pair of concerts at the San Diego Symphony.

Gerald McRaney (Simon and Simon, Major Dad) supports San Diego and our troops and was recently here for an event for the Marines.

Jay Leno was once again in San Diego, and we hope he will do a Tonight Show taping here.

Comic-Con is close to selling out, as of this writing. Lou Ferrigno (The Hulk) is scheduled to attend this year, with many other celebrities, including Lindsay Wagner (the original Bionic Woman) and Richard Hatch (Battlestar Galactica).

Film and TV star Dana Carvey (Saturday Night Live) hosted the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation fundraiser recently.

Many celebs were here for the U.S. Open and enjoyed our beautiful scenery and golf courses. Hopefully they might think of us for TV and movie locations.

Al Pacino was seen with his beautiful twins enjoying our wonderful Legoland attraction.

Jamie Lee Curtis was also in town. Her sister was featured in the San Diego Film Festival a few years ago.

Robert Wagner is often in San Diego to do a local commercial spot.

George Lopez also loves to come to San Diego and often supports our Latino Film Festival.

A fond farewell to Cyd Charisse. Her style and grace will always be remembered.

Any questions, additions, or comments are welcome. E-mail Selena through Hrair Messerlian at


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More often nowadays, we are seeing commercial producers shoot behind-the-scenes footage. The usage for this type of footage varies: Internet, director’s reel, advertiser’s in-house reel, etc. This work is covered under the SAG Industrial & Educational Contract and should be negotiated separately from the commercial work. If behind-the-scenes footage is not negotiated at the time of booking, contact SAG immediately, and we will notify the producer that they are required to negotiate and pay for this under the Industrial & Educational Contract.


Under the 2006-2008 Extension Agreement, extended or unlimited editing rights on commercials originally made for broadcast or cable and subsequently moved over the to the Internet or new media must be negotiated. The negotiated amount must be above and beyond the minimum 300 percent move-over fee for use in each area. As an example, a producer MAY NOT offer 300 percent for a move-over fee on a commercial that was originally made for broadcast and will now be shown on a cell phone and include five edits in that amount. Payment should be negotiated at not less than 300 percent for the cell phone use plus a separately negotiated amount for additional edits. To include additional edits as part of the use fee undercuts the contract and the union should be notified immediately, as claims for non-payment of edits will be filed against the producers on behalf of all principal performers in the spots.

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President: Don Ahles
Vice President: Tom Wirth
Secretary: Martin Alvillar
National Board Representative: Virginia Hawkins
Council at Large: Chris Bricker, Linda Lutz, Gene Anselmo, Lorenzo Rodriguez, Lexie Wells

Note: One council at large position remains vacant.



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