SAN FRANCISCO (July 3, 2015) --- In another blow to quality local news coverage, Cumulus Media has closed KGO-AM’s South Bay Bureau. Since taking over KGO-AM in 2011, Cumulus has been widely criticized for cutting back on programming with a close connection to the Bay Area’s communities. In the latest move, an entire region that includes Silicon Valley and the City of San Jose and is home to 2 million residents has had their local reporting team eliminated.

“Once again, Cumulus Media has demonstrated its lack of support for local Bay Area communities,” said Len Egert, Executive Director of the SAG-AFTRA San Francisco-Northern California Local. “We believe that there is a connection between good local jobs and good local media, and our communities would be better served if Cumulus invested more in its local employees.”

SAG-AFTRA and Bay Area community members have launched a website supporting a fair contract for local Cumulus employees that protects local jobs, and respects employees and listeners alike. The Bay Area deserves to have access to quality local radio. Visit for more information.


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