COVID-19 Safety Tips

While it is the responsibility of the employer to maintain a safe working environment for you, personal care can also help in keeping everyone safe during this time of abundant caution.

  • Daily quick report diagnostic testing for everyone when they arrive on set.
  • All performers and crew should wear disposable masks and gloves provided by production, except when having makeup applied or when performing on set.
  • Performer dressing rooms in trailers and studios should be disinfected between users.
  • Each performer should get their own dressing room to allow for social distancing.
  • Contracts should be provided electronically prior to the day of work for completion (to avoid touching papers and pens others have touched).
  • All paperwork should be done electronically, including signing out at the end of the day (the Exhibit G) by a contactless method so the performer doesn’t have to touch a pen or paper held by multiple people (i.e. scanning the performer membership card or some other electronic method).
  • Makeup tools should be disinfected between users or dedicated to one user, including any applications of special effects makeup such as fake blood when on set.
  • All wardrobe must be washed before fittings and performing days.
  • Stunt mats should be disinfected before and after different users.
  • Stunt body pads should be purchased by production for each actor’s individual use (coordinator can advise on brands, etc.) instead of being provided by the stunt coordinator or other stunt performers.
  • Set pieces, props and surfaces stunt performers are working on or with should be sanitized prior to use.
  • Picture cars provided for stunt drivers and other principal performers should be sanitized between users.
  • Prepackaged utensils should be provided for meals. A crafty employee should be the only person touching utensil packages and dishes to hand to the performer, and crafty employees should serve food instead of cast and crew self-serving.
  • Ample socially distanced seating should be provided during meal breaks.
  • Hand sanitizer, wipes and soap should be readily available in bathrooms and around set.
  • Social distancing should be implemented at crafty stations.

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Stunt Performer/Coordinator COVID-19 Safety Tips

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