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National Membership Elects Connie Stevens as Secretary-Treasurer; 24 National Board Seats Also Filled Los Angeles (September 23, 2005) – Alan Rosenberg was elected the 24th president of Screen Actors Guild (SAG) today, the Guild has announced. Rosenberg succeeds Melissa Gilbert, who served as president since 2001 and chose not to run for a third two-year term. Rosenberg received 39.99 percent (10,748 total votes) of the nationwide vote of the Guild’s general membership, defeating Morgan Fairchild and Robert Conrad. Fairchild received 34.72 percent (9,332 total votes) and Conrad received 25.29% percent (6,797 total votes). Rosenberg will formally assume the office of Guild president on September 25 and will serve a two-year term. In addition, the Guild announced the election of Connie Stevens as secretary-treasurer, the union’s second-highest elected position. She succeeds James Cromwell, who did not seek re-election. Stevens also will begin serving a two-year term on September 25. She received 68.20 percent of the nationwide vote, defeating Lee Garlington, who received 31.80 percent. “I am honored that the members of this great union have placed their confidence in me,” said Rosenberg. “I ran a campaign that offered a simple and straightforward promise: I will fight like hell to get actors their fair share. For working actors the stakes have never been higher. Our employers must understand that we will aggressively protect the interests of working performers – and we will not yield on residuals. The coming months are going to be particularly challenging as we negotiate new Basic Cable Agreements, prepare for the renegotiation of the Commercials Contract and continue to work towards a solution to the impasse with talent agents. I am looking forward to leading this organization, to working with our new board and the staff, and ensuring Screen Actors Guild is the great and powerful organization it has been and always will be.” Stevens said: “My thanks and appreciation goes out to the members of my union. The Guild’s finances need the hands-on attention and input of the members who pay its dues and work its contracts. We have several key challenges ahead of us, particularly ensuring that the Guild continues to operate within a balanced budget and strengthening our financial base. I look forward to working closely with the members of the Finance Committee and the staff. Right now, I’m on the Mississippi Gulf Coast trying to take care of people who have been very good to me for many years. When I get home, I’ll look forward to taking care of Guild business.” Turnout in the vote for president and secretary-treasurer was 27.33 percent. Of the Guild’s approximately 120,000 members, 27,053 returned ballots. Elections results will also be announced this evening for 24 seats on the Guild’s 69-seat national board (visit to view separate announcement later this evening). The voting was certified by Washington state-based Integrity Voting Systems and by the Guild’s member-led Election Committee. “On behalf of the entire Guild staff, I congratulate Alan and Connie and all our new national board members,” said Greg Hessinger, SAG’s national executive director/CEO. “I look forward to working closely with our new leaders to serve the members of this union. We were fortunate to have three presidential candidates and two candidates for secretary-treasurer who were all experienced performers familiar with the challenges facing actors in this pivotal time for the labor movement. Each would have been a strong leader for their union. I also want to pay tribute to the dedication and service that Melissa Gilbert, James Cromwell and the departing members of our national board have given to their union. We wish them well.” Past Guild presidents, in addition to Gilbert, include: William Daniels (1999-2001); Richard Masur (1995-1999); Barry Gordon (1988-1995); Patty Duke (1985-1988); Edward Asner (1981-1985); William Schallert (1979-1981); Kathleen Nolan (1975-1979); Dennis Weaver (1973-1975); John Gavin (1971-1973); Charlton Heston (1965-1971); Dana Andrews (1963-1965); George Chandler (1960-1963); Howard Keel (1958-1959); Leon James (1957-1958); Walter Pidgeon (1952-1957); Ronald Reagan (1959-1960, 1947-1952); George Murphy (1944-1946); James Cagney (1942-1944); Edward Arnold (1940-1942); Robert Montgomery (1946-1947, 1935-1938); Eddie Cantor (1933-1935); and Ralph Morgan (1938-1940, 1933).