Missing a W-2 for a job you had in 2019? The following is payroll/W-2 information for all major theatrical productions shot in the New England region in 2019. Please refer to the contact information in this list to request any missing W-2s for the following projects: 

Central Casting/Entertainment Partners: (818) 562-2700 or centralcasting.com.
City on a Hill
How to Make Love to a Black Woman
EMS Payroll: (818) 386-0905 or emspayroll.com.
Castle Rock
Sessions Payroll: (800) 957-4644 or sessionspayroll.com.
Elevate Payroll: (505) 888-9400 or info@elevatepayrollservices.com.
Defending Jacob
Free Guy
A Sweet Romance
I Care a Lot
The Sleepover
Love, Weddings and Other Disasters
CAPS Payroll: (212) 925-1415 or capspayroll.com.
Hubie Halloween
The Will 
ART Payroll: (603) 367-9955 or artpayroll.com.
John and the Hole

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