George Heller Memorial Gold Card

The official call for nominees is now open for the SAG-AFTRA George Heller Memorial Gold Card. All SAG-AFTRA members have the unique opportunity to recommend nominees for this prestigious honor.

The official nomination form with submission instructions, which must be submitted with your nomination, can be downloaded here. Click here for a listing of all previous recipients of the former AFTRA Gold Card.
The SAG-AFTRA Gold Card is bestowed on those who have made a significant contribution through years of service to SAG-AFTRA (including service to the former Screen Actors Guild and AFTRA) and its members. The honor is given to recipients under the guidelines (see below) approved by the National Honors and Tributes Committee and adopted by the National Board at its recent meeting. If awarded, the recipient or recipients will receive their gold card at this year’s inaugural SAG-AFTRA National Convention in September.
Please keep in mind all of the below guidelines for consideration for this honor. Also note that this is a service award and the committee has determined that nominees should best represent a strongly demonstrated commitment to SAG-AFTRA or its predecessor organizations, and SAG-AFTRA members.
Nominations may be made by SAG-AFTRA members only, and all nominations are due by email ( or by fax to (323) 549-6095 no later than 5 p.m. (PT), Friday, Aug. 30, 2013. ALL nominations MUST be submitted with the nomination form, which can be downloaded here.


SAG-AFTRA George Heller Memorial Gold Card Award: Formerly known as the George Heller Memorial Gold Card Award, previously was AFTRA's highest honor for service recognition. The SAG-AFTRA Gold Card is bestowed on "those who have made a significant contribution to SAG-AFTRA and its members.”
Rules and Procedures

  1. Gold Cards are awarded at the SAG-AFTRA National Convention.
  2. As a determining factor, the Committee will consider significant long-term service to SAG-AFTRA and its membership including legacy AFTRA and legacy SAG members and staff who may be considered for the award.
  3. Honorees are selected by a Gold Card Subcommittee comprised of National Honors And Tributes (HAT) Committee members, past recipients and others appointed by the HAT Committee chairs.
  4. The nominating letters will be submitted to the National HAT Committee Staff Liaison who will forward all nominating letters to the Subcommittee for consideration.
  5. The award may not be given to employers, employer representatives or other production-related entities in the motion picture, television, commercial advertising, or non-broadcast industries, or other employers producing under union agreements or in areas of union jurisdiction.

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