The Building

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Designed by the firm of AREA Architecture, the SAG-AFTRA New York Local is built to reflect the values of the organization, promoting collaboration and communication among staff and members, while incorporating functional elements for optimal productivity and comfort.

The Broadway side of the office is designed with unobstructed views of Lincoln Center to provide maximum enjoyment for everyone. Glass is used throughout the space so that natural light illuminates as many areas as possible. Ninety percent of the office perimeter is windowed. Exposed ceilings are painted white and ambient light is used for maximum reflectance.

The overall color and finish scheme feature inset carpeting in tones of navy blue, dark olive, and grey. Complementary upholstery selections are rich and classic shades of burgundy, midnight blue, and aubergine. Woods are introduced to further enrich the space and feature very active flitches of Black Limba and American Walnut, both reforested choices. All furniture and architectural materials are selected for sustainability and respect for our natural environment. Lighting is specified for adherence to strict energy conservation issues.

This new, state of the art facility, combined with the creative and cultural vibe of the neighborhood and the proven dedication of our membership, looks to make the New York Local a vital force in media and labor for years to come.