Notice to Local Members Regarding Franchised Agents

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Notice to Local Members Regarding Franchised Agents

Washington-Mid Atlantic Local
Notice to Local Members

Dear WMA Local Members:

Since Homeland is slated to begin shooting in Richmond, VA soon (mid-Sept.), we have been asked by many of our members to compile a list of easily-accessible SAG-AFTRA franchised agents in our market and in surrounding areas. To see the roster of agents, please click here. We hope it serves as a helpful reference tool for you. As always, an updated list of franchised agents is available on our local webpage under Local Resources on the left:

Please note: Members who choose to be represented by franchised agents are protected by, and bound to, the terms and conditions of Rule 16(g), aka the L-SAG Agency Regulations and/or Rule 12-C, aka the L-AFTRA Agency Regulations. As always, these listed SAG-AFTRA franchised agents are ready, willing and able to represent you for union-covered work, and are uniquely positioned to negotiate the best wages and working conditions for our members. They are also covered by union rules. Please do not hesitate to contact the Washington Mid-Atlantic Local Entertainment Contracts Department (Jane Love, Ryan Hastings or Jess W. Speaker III) with any outstanding questions that you may have about any agency relationship into which you may want to enter. We are always happy to help and answer any questions that you may have. Thank you!