Charles Ferrara 

New Louisiana Film Tax Credit Bill Signed by the Governor 

By Charles Ferrara

As you are probably aware by now, thanks to the periodic updates shared with us by the Louisiana Film Entertainment Association, the new film tax credit bill, Senate Bill 254, was introduced by Sen. J. P. Morrell and successfully approved by the Louisiana Legislature in the recent legislative session. The governor signed the bill June 16.

Senate Bill 254:

1. Reduces the basic tax credit per production from 30 to 25 percent.

2. Provides an additional 5 percent credit for filming outside of metro New Orleans.

3. Caps each credit at 40 percent.

4. Reduces the cost per movie to $20 million from $30 million.

5. Sets aside $15 million per year for productions that originate in Louisiana.

The new incentive program will hopefully lend an air of stability to the program and entice hesitant producers back to Louisiana. It should also help us to successfully compete against Georgia and other venues for productions to re-establish our area as “Hollywood South.”

On an even more positive note, a new film studio, Starlight Studios, which includes a production facility and office building dedicated to the film industry in Louisiana, has opened in New Orleans East after five years of development. Starlight’s 12-acre campus includes two soundstages (with two more to be built) and office space. One soundstage is 45 feet tall and has 32,000 square feet of space; the other soundstage has 13,000 square feet. One of the newly opened stages has already been leased by the producers of a television series. Starlight Studios joins the Big Easy Studios, Celtic Studios (Baton Rouge), Deep South Studios, Millennium Studios (Shreveport), the Robert E. Nims Center Studios, and Second Line Stages to provide the infrastructure that will help ensure a robust return of film and television production to our area.

The legislation and the history behind it is complex, so we will not attempt to explain it in this article. If you are interested in the details surrounding the legislation, please see the following websites and/or publications.

Additional information provided by local Secretary Frank Boimare. 


More information on SB 254 may be found here:

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“Film & Television.” Louisiana Economic Development (Key Industries/Entertainment). Link

Louisiana Film Entertainment Association (LFEA). Link

The following articles and other references provide a sampling of articles that add additional perspective about the Louisiana tax incentives for the film and television industry and SB 254.

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[Ed.: There are more references in local and trade publication and news outlets, but the above sources present a reasonably simple view of the issues and the processes involved. See previous copies of the newsletter in our archives for links to two audiovisual presentations that explain the initial set of changes to the tax incentive program.]


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