Honorable Withdrawal and Suspended Pay Notice

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Honorable Withdrawal and Suspended Pay Notice

Need a break from performing? Need to take care of a relative? 

Everyone needs a break for one reason or another. SAG-AFTRA understands life happens, and when personal circumstances prevent you from auditioning and working as a performer, your union can accommodate you. Perhaps you are raising a family, caring for parents or just stepping away from performing for a year. Don’t let your dues lapse and run the risk of termination. As a SAG-AFTRA member, you have the option to change your active membership status to “honorable withdrawal” or “suspended payment” to avoid reinstatement penalties or back payment. Certain criteria apply, and this change in status prevents you from seeking work as a performer or broadcaster and may limit your access to certain member benefits. 

Take a break without the worry. It only takes a few easy steps. Just log on to your personal membership record at sagaftra.org, then click on “membership status.” Click on “membership services,” review the full descriptions of the status changes and choose the option that suits you best. Send a message to the SAG-AFTRA Membership Department that you are interested in changing your status and a staff person will contact you with details of the process. Or, simply call the membership department at (323) 549-6778 for more information.  

When you are ready to return to active status, we are here for you.

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