Official Communications from SAG-AFTRA

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Official Communications from SAG-AFTRA




In the coming months, you will likely receive many election related notices and communications regarding the 2017 SAG-AFTRA Elections. To avoid any confusion and ensure that you can distinguish between official communications from the union and unofficial campaigning, we are providing the following information regarding union communications.


Examples of official communications from SAG-AFTRA:


-Publications including the official magazine and newsletters

-Online communications on the union’s website at

-Communications from the local’s staff

-Information or events posted by the union on the union’s social media platforms

-Email messages received from

-Mailings from any of the union’s return mailing addresses (except as provided below)


The only exception for email messages and mailings received by U.S. mail involves a candidate’s right under federal law to send campaign communications to eligible voters in an election. In that instance, the union uses third party vendors to protect the confidentiality of member contact information to comply with the election law and has specific rules regarding disclaimers that clearly distinguish candidate campaign communications from official communications from the Union.



If you have any questions regarding whether or not a communication is an official communication from the union, please contact the Atlanta Local Office at (404) 239-0131.