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Now it’s even easier to use SAG-AFTRA professionals
SAG-AFTRA has developed a new way to make your Corporate/Educational & Non-Broadcast productions a breeze. Not only do you get more flexibility when using SAG-AFTRA performers, you’ll have access to new, simplified rates available in the New England market for the first time.

You can now choose a cast composed of both union performers and others in any manner you like. Only pay SAG-AFTRA rates to the professional performers you use.

You can get the work done quicker and better with a SAG-AFTRA narrator using new reduced rates for multiple voice-over productions that take place in the same session. Talented SAG-AFTRA performers can get the job done in less time and add polish and professionalism to your production.

Now there’s no need to navigate the re-use rate structure. There’s a single reduced supplemental use fees for all Co/Ed projects, which includes Basic Cable, Non-Network TV, Theatrical, Foreign Markets, Sale/Rental to Industry and Integration/Customization use.

Your project can easily be processed though a talent paymaster service. For more information and quotes, contact

Where to Start?
Call the SAG-AFTRA New England Local at (617) 262-8001 or email for more information.  

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