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About the Campaign

VICE employees are united.

Join your colleagues to form a union at VICE Media. Together we can ensure your voice is heard as VICE continues to grow and evolve. We know you have valuable ideas to contribute regarding job descriptions, compensation, career growth and professional development. Together we can create conditions at VICE that will increase the quality of your individual and collective work.

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I hereby designate the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) as my collective bargaining representative.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have valuable ideas to contribute regarding your job descriptions, compensation, career growth and professional development. Together our primary goal is to work with you to create conditions at VICE Media that will increase the quality of your individual and collective work.

SAG-AFTRA represents media professionals at TV and radio network news, and national and local public media. Media professionals at prestigious organizations have achieved industry standard pay and benefits while producing the highest quality news, information and entertainment shows for their audiences.

No. Currently, management has the discretion to make unilateral changes as they see fit without any staff input. By forming a union, you’ll gain more of a voice in the decision-making process, protect what you like about your job and propose improvements where needed. We all agree that flexibility is required to produce quality news, information and entertainment content.

No. Management will be required to negotiate with the union before implementing any changes to your benefits. Currently, without union representation, management can make changes to your benefits at any time. While union employees at some media organizations have opted for SAG-AFTRA health and retirement benefits, it is just as common for union employees to keep their current employer benefit plan and secure that plan through collective bargaining.

We will approach this effort in a strictly positive and professional manner. While we can’t predict how management reacts, we sincerely hope they do the same. While some temporary tension is not unusual during organizing drives, relations between union employees and management at other media organizations are mutually respectful.

No. Federal law makes it illegal to fire, demote, transfer, reduce your hours, change your shift, or otherwise take adverse action against you (or threaten to take any of these actions), because you join or support a union. For a complete listing of your rights under the National Labor Relations Board Act go to:

In a new organizing campaign, employees don’t pay any dues until they have negotiated and voted to approve a first contract. Initiation fees have also been waived for newly organized bargaining units. This will be the case with VICE Media as well.

For VICELAND members:
Each member will pay base dues of $206 annually ($103 every 6 months). In addition, work dues of 1.575% of annual earnings up to $500,000. Dues are payable twice each year, on May 1st and November 1st respectively.

For News and Broadcast members:
The “Single Unit Dues Structure” applies to any SAG-AFTRA member who is employed under eligible single unit collective bargaining agreements, including contracts for news and broadcast stations. (SAG-AFTRA members who work under eligible single unit agreements but also work under multi-employer agreements are covered by the SAG-AFTRA full dues structure.) Union dues include $206 in annual base dues plus 1.575% of annual earnings up to $100,000 and .274% of annual earnings from $100,000.01 to $250,000.

As you form your union, we will make proposals based on the priorities of the employees at VICE. The SAG-AFTRA staff will work with you and get input from you through bargaining surveys and in-person meetings so we can identify the issues that are most important.

As we organize, we encourage everyone to communicate and share priorities for making VICE a better place to work. When more people participate in the process, everyone’s voice is heard.

You can learn more about SAG-AFTRA at and speak with an organizer by contacting Jennifer Peat at

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