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The Official E-Newsletter of the SAG-AFTRA New Mexico Local
The Official E-Newsletter of the SAG-AFTRA New Mexico Local
July 2016


Tom Schuch – President
Mel MacKaron – National Board Member and 1st Vice President
Cliff Gravel – 2nd Vice President
Karen Cotter – Secretary
Paul Blott
Marc Comstock 
Roy Costley
Frances Lee McCain
Diane Villegas

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New Members: Jani D. Davis, Guia Peel, Fernando Fresquez, Elizabeth Dwyer Sandlin, Lela Rose Allen, Miles Wartes, Brent Snider, David Delao, Christopher W. Garcia, Ryan Begay, Tenzin Marco-Taylor, Damacio Page, Crystal Thomas, Cheryl Ford-Mente, Robert Henkel, Katyia Shurkin, Talia Pura, Shawn Boyd, Crista F. Benavidez, J. Ryan Montenery, Joe Conway, Greg T. Jackson, Caroline Patz, William R. Stafford, Chris Bylsma, Joseph Gallegos, Natasha Nazario, Matt Roszak, Roger Willie, Jordyn Aurora, Darcel Danielle, Josey Smith, Santos Militello, Nicholas Jenks, Khalic Nance, Danett Hernandez, Levi Dylan, Jane F. Wilson, Marie Wagenman, Casey Duncan, Billy Holger

Transfers In: Cynthia Straus, Larry D. Sims, John-Paul Howard, Paul Kincaid

Local President’s Report

Tom Schuch

Dear SAG-AFTRA New Mexico Members,

Your SAG-AFTRA New Mexico Local Board has been busy, as always, behind the scenes advocating for our membership. The board consists of a diverse group of dedicated volunteers elected by you from our local membership. Because of the continued increase in production volume here in the Land of Enchantment, our membership continues to grow. 

For many years, actors left New Mexico to pursue their careers in markets where the opportunities were more abundant. But, ever since the tax incentives were passed, that trend has reversed. Actors are staying here, actors are coming back, and “pre-members” are joining the union. We are now one of the fastest growing markets in the country. The expectation of professionalism has also risen with this trend, resulting in more work days on average throughout our talent pool. 

For those of us who have lived in New Mexico for at least 10 years, you will remember this being an active commercial market. Commercials can be a very important part of an actor’s career, especially financially. Your local organizing committee is working on a strategy to educate commercial production companies, ad agencies and advertisers on the advantages of shooting here. Commercial production is included in our state’s film/TV incentive program and provides credit for resident actors. It is our intention to make sure the entities listed above know that we are open for business!

Keep training, keep your focus and, above all, don’t give up. See you on the set!


Tom Schuch
SAG-AFTRA New Mexico Local President