Local President's Letter

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Local President's Letter

December 10, 2015 

Dear Member,  

We, the elected SAG-AFTRA Local Presidents, represent union members across the country. We support our union’s campaign to organize performers working for digital advertising agency Droga5 because our members’ careers and ability to earn a living are harmed every time Droga5 produces a non-union commercial. 

Droga5 undercuts industry standard wages and undermines our ability to access health insurance and pensions. They make it harder for working professional performers to sustain a middle class career. As professional performers, we deserve to be paid a living wage.   

We must all stand together in support of this important organizing effort – the future of all commercial performers depends on it. Please join over 4,000 members and supporters who have already signed the petition. You can sign on here - www.sagaftra.org/digital-ads-go-union  

Please spread the word to your fellow SAG-AFTRA members and performers. And, post and share these - http://www.sagaftra.org/digital-ads-go-union/share-and-post-these-memes  - on social media using the hashtag #adsgounion.    

 In solidarity,

  1. Joe Corcoran, President, Arizona-Utah
  2. Bob Davis, President Twin Cities
  3. Michael Montgomery, President, Nashville
  4. Jane Austin, President, Los Angeles
  5. Jayne Bower, President, Michigan
  6. Pamela Weaver, President, Houston-Austin
  7. Brent Anderson, President Dallas-Fort Worth
  8. John Wilmot, President, New Orleans
  9. Craig Dellimore, President, Chicago
  10. Steve Gladstone, President, Miami
  11. Michele Proude, President, New England
  12. Ric Reitz, President, Atlanta
  13. David C. Farmer, President Hawaii
  14. Duane Hanson, President, Portland
  15. Rik Deskin, President, Seattle
  16. Sheila Ivy Traister, President, Colorado
  17. Tom Schuch, President, New Mexico
  18. Tom Murray, President, Missouri Valley
  19. Kathryn Howell, President, San Francisco
  20. Paul Martino, President, Ohio-Pittsburgh
  21. Martin C. Alvillar, President, San Diego
  22. Tom McNutt, President, Philadelphia
  23. Lance Lewman, President, Washington Mid-Atlantic
  24. Arttours Weeden, President, Nevada
  25. Mike Hodge, President, New York