Recently, SAG-AFTRA has received inquiries regarding representation by several new agents working in this market. This notice is intended to answer some of those questions.

Agency Representation:

Currently New Mexico has four (4) franchised agents: MGR Talent Agency, Mitchell & Associates, O Agency and Presley Talent.

Please remember that no SAG-AFTRA New Mexico member may engage, use or deal through any agent for representation in New Mexico, in any area where SAG-AFTRA has exercised jurisdiction, unless that agent holds an active SAG or AFTRA franchise in this state. This prohibition includes entities that claim to be franchised in other jurisdictions, but are still seeking to do business in New Mexico by representing New Mexico members. Members failing to adhere to these strict provisions may potentially subject themselves to disciplinary action from their union. This is really for your protection – franchised agents are required to abide by rules that protect you, the performer. If you are working with a franchised agent who you feel is not abiding by these rules, please contact the union.

The SAG-AFTRA Professional Representatives Department has not received any new applications from any potential franchisee at this time. In short, if any agency seeks to represent you in New Mexico that is not one of the four (4) listed above, you are not authorized to be represented by it and should seek further assistance from the SAG-AFTRA Professional Representatives Department.

Please feel free to contact the Professional Representatives Department at or Julie Crane at


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