Writers Guild of America members last night voted 92.5% in favor of ending the strike which began November 5. We anticipate that production will be starting up almost immediately and SAG members will be receiving work calls. There will be no WGA picket lines, so you can feel comfortable returning to work. If you have any questions about returning to work or other issues, please contact Screen Actors Guild’s television contracts department at 323-549-6835.

On a personal note, I want to thank you all for your dedication and strength of spirit during a very difficult and challenging time. You showed your solidarity through a constant presence on the picket lines, by honoring picket lines, and through your commitment to the principles of economic justice for all creative artists.

All of your contributions—to your fellow actors and striking writers—are truly and deeply appreciated and have earned the heartfelt gratitude of the members of the Writers Guild of America and especially of your union—Screen Actors Guild.

Thank you.

Together in solidarity,
Alan Rosenberg

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