Los Angeles (August 18, 2009) -- Screen Actors Guild and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) today reached agreement on the terms of new, two-year contracts covering Screen Actors Guild members working in Television Animation and Basic Cable Animation.

David Jolliffe, national co-chair of the Screen Actors Guild Television Animation and Basic Cable Animation Negotiating Committee said, "I am pleased that we have resolved this agreement and appreciate the hard work of all of our negotiating committee members. The committee worked tirelessly to give members across the country a voice in caucuses."

"The SAG animation community has a long history and a longstanding tradition of successfully completing negotiations. We are proud to say the tradition continues," said Loren Lester, co-chair of the Screen Actors Guild TV Animation and Basic Cable Animation Negotiating Committee.

"We welcome the ratification of these new agreements covering Screen Actors Guild talent in both broadcast animation and basic cable animation. These contracts will help to ensure continued production and employment, which is especially critical in today's economy," said the AMPTP.

The agreements are effective retroactive to June 10, 2009 and will expire concurrently with the TV/Theatrical agreement on June 30, 2011, and include:

· Effective annual wage increases of 3.0% retroactive to June 10, 2009 and 3.5% one year later.

· A .5% increase in pension contributions, also retroactive to June 10, 2009.

· New media terms reflect those negotiated under the TV/Theatrical agreement ratified in June 2009.

Other terms match those in the recently ratified TV/Theatrical agreement.

Immediate ratification of the Television Animation and Basic Cable Animation contracts was recommended by the Screen Actors Guild Animation Negotiating Committee and approved by the Screen Actors Guild National Executive Committee and will not require a referendum.

About Screen Actors Guild

Screen Actors Guild, established in 1933, is America's largest union representing actors. Screen Actors Guild has a rich history in the American labor movement from standing up to studios to break long-term engagement contracts in the 1940s to fighting for artists' rights amid the digital revolution sweeping the entertainment industry in the 21st century. With 20 branches nationwide, SAG represents more than 122,000 actors who work in film and digital television, industrials, commercials, video games, music videos and all other new media formats. The Guild exists to enhance actors' working conditions, compensation and benefits and to be a powerful, unified voice on behalf of artists' rights. SAG is a proud affiliate of the AFL-CIO. Headquartered in Los Angeles, you can visit SAG online at www.sag.org.


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