LOS ANGELES (August 2, 2005) --- Screen Actors Guild today released the official list of candidates for its upcoming national officer and national board elections. National president and secretary-treasurer positions are up for election, both of which carry two-year terms. Current SAG President Melissa Gilbert announced last month she will not seek re-election. Approximately 1/3 of the total 69 national board seats are open for election this year.

National officer ballots will be mailed to all eligible SAG members on August 24 with a return deadline and tabulation on September 23. Election results are expected to be announced that evening. The same schedule will apply to the Hollywood and New York division elections.

The candidates for national president are Robert Conrad, Morgan Fairchild and Alan Rosenberg. The candidates for secretary-treasurer are Lee Garlington and Connie Stevens.

The Hollywood division will elect 11 national board members and 22 alternates. Each seat is for a three-year term (all national board alternates serve for one year). The New York division will elect a division president, five national board members (all three-year terms) and nine alternates. Candidates for NY president are Paul Christie and Tom Nonnon.

Directors holding seven other national board seats will be elected from SAG branches outside Hollywood and New York. Information on those elections is expected to be made available in the coming days.

2005 SAG Hollywood Division Board Election Candidates
(names are listed in random order as they will appear on the ballot)

1. Joseph Bologna
2. Cliff Karp
3. David Jolliffe
4. Eugene Boggs
5. Christy Crowl
6. Barbara Niven
7. Millie Wright
8. Kenneth D. Wade II
9. David Berman
10. Keith Szarabajka
11. Steve Cutler
12. Marlene Sosebee
13. Mobin Khan
14. Michael Bell
15. Joe d'Angerio
16. Dave Shearer
17. Luana Jackman
18. JoBeth Williams
19. Angela Watson
20. Trista Delamere
21. Reneé Aubry
22. Frank Bank
23. Nick Brett
24. Harrison Page
25. Jeff Austin
26. William Russ
27. Lainie Kazan
28. Mark Carlton
29. Jenny Worman
30. Russell McConnell
31. F.J. O'Neil
32. Robert Amico
33. Vivicca A. Whitsett
34. Carole Elliott
35. Linda Harmon
36. Gretchen Koerner
37. Paul Napier
38. Bob Carlson
39. Karl Warren
40. Leigh French
41. Gina Hecht
42. Brad Blaisdell
43. Randy Rose
44. Lee Garlington
45. James St. James
46. Piper Laurie
47. Brett Cullen
48. Anthony DeSantis
49. Andrew Caple-Shaw
50. Rico Bueno
51. Morgan Fairchild
52. Laird Stuart
53. Mark S. Reed
54. Paul Hartel
55. Sam Ayers
56. Justin Shenkarow
57. Yale Summers
58. Joe Cipriano

2005 SAG New York Division Board Election Candidates
(names are listed in alphabetical order as they will appear on the ballot)

1. Manny Alfaro
2. Dave Bachman
3. Angela Bullock
4. Ralph Byers
5. Patrick Collins
6. Traci Godfrey
7. Chris Kies
8. Gerald M. Kline
9. Jeff Knapp
10. Jack Landrón
11. Ruth Last
12. Tom Ligon
13. Joe Narciso
14. Erik-Anders Nilsson
15. Tom Nonnon
16. Steve Nuke
17. Jay Potter
18. Matt Servitto


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