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There is a current list of Legacy SAG and Legacy AFTRA franchised talent agents in the “Find an Agent” area of our site.  SAG-AFTRA does not recommend any one franchised agent over another. Some of the listed franchised agents also handle modeling and print work. You'll need to check those details for yourself, as SAG-AFTRA does not have jurisdiction in those areas. Legitimate talent agencies do not charge a fee payable in advance for registering you, for resumes, for public relations services, for screen tests, for photographs, for acting lessons, or for any other schemes designed to separate you from your money. If you are signed as a client by a legitimate talent agency, you will pay that agency nothing until you work, and then 10 percent for limited areas of your earnings as a performer -- but nothing in advance. Legitimate talent agencies normally do not advertise for clients in newspaper classified columns nor do they solicit through the mail. If a talent agent seeks to send you to a particular photographer for pictures, reconsider your agency options.

Incidentally, SAG-AFTRA does not have jurisdiction over managers outside of those who have signed the SAG-AFTRA Personal Managers Code of Ethics and Conduct. For more information on the code, please visit

We do not evaluate and/or recommend to members any service providers such as acting coaches, commercial workshops, modeling schools, photographers, or managers. There are so many people who want to be actors and therefore, unfortunately, there are also many potential scam artists who are desirous of taking your money in exchange for vague promises to get you work -- but they often deliver nothing. Use the same common sense you would use in making other major purchases.

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