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A renegotiation letter must be sent 60-120 days (two to four months) prior to the end of the maximum period of use. Check your pay stub to find the end date of the maximum period of use (MPU), and count back 60 to 120 days to establish when you or your agent must send the notice. The letter should be sent to the producer (ad agency) listed on your employment contract, as well as an electronic copy sent to the Union. The letter to the producer (ad agency) may be send via e-mail, return receipt requested, to the producer’s (ad agency’s) address identified on the employment contract. Sending the letter gives the performer the right to renegotiate new rates or to say he/she does not grant the right to continued use of the commercial.

If your agent does not send a renegotiation letter, and the commercial is renewed for an additional 21 months at the minimum scale rate, he/she may not take a commission.

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