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Income Statement FAQs

What is the purpose of the income statement?

The income statement provides independent verification of earnings reported by your employers. Dues are based on your previous year's SAG-AFTRA, SAG and AFTRA earnings so it's important to report accurate information so dues are calculated correctly. Failure to report accurate information may cause an incorrect amount of dues to be assessed.  

If I am on Inactive Status (Honorable Withdrawal, Suspended Payment Owing, Voluntary Withdrawal, Voluntary Suspended Payment), why did I receive a 2017 income statement?

You received an income statement because we have records showing 2017 earnings. This is your opportunity to verify or correct your earnings.  

Doesn't the union already know how much I made through reports to the SAG Pension & Health and/or AFTRA Health & Retirement Funds?
This information will independently verify your earnings reported by employers to the SAG and AFTRA pension, health and retirement plans.

What does the union consider income?

2017 earnings from ALL payments, royalties and residuals covered by SAGAFTRA, SAG and AFTRA contracts: all film, radio and television programs and commercials; sound recordings (session payments and all artist royalties earned, including domestic and foreign sales, and licensing agreements); audiobooks; music videos; new media, interactive, corporate/educational and non-broadcast projects; and compensation for broadcast station staff personnel.  

Do NOT include pension payments, earnings under the jurisdiction of another union such as Actors' Equity, the Writers Guild, AFM, AGMA, etc., or income from songwriting, publishing and performance royalties (SoundExchange, AFM & SAG-AFTRA Fund, ASCAP, BMI, etc.), tour support or tour revenue.

Do I need to return an income statement if I did no SAG-AFTRA, SAG or AFTRA work last year?

Yes. SAG-AFTRA needs confirmation that you did not work under a SAGAFTRA, SAG or AFTRA contract. Enter -0- in the earnings boxes and mail the form to SAG-AFTRA (or submit the information online).

Is the Income Statement Mandatory?

No, however it is highly recommended as failure to report accurate information may cause an incorrect amount of dues to be assessed.


What happens if I do not report this information?

Failure to report accurate information may cause an incorrect amount of dues to be assessed.

How do I calculate my SAG-AFTRA earnings?

Each year your employers are required to mail W-2 forms to you by January 31. SAG-AFTRA mails income statements at the same time. Once you have received all of your SAG-AFTRA, SAG or AFTRA W-2s, add up your gross earnings, enter the total on the form and mail it in the return envelope (or submit the information online).

Do residuals count toward earnings?

Yes, add residuals received during the calendar year to your income statement.

Do pension payments count toward earnings?

No, do not add pension payments to your income statement.

Should earnings be based on gross or net?

Gross. The number you report is your gross earnings, before taxes and any fees you may pay to a manager, agent, etc.  

Do I have to report earnings/return the income statement if I am on Dues Waiver, Inactive Status (Honorable Withdrawal, Suspended Payment Owing, Voluntary Withdrawal, Voluntary Suspended Payment)?  

Yes, but do NOT include any pension payments made to you.

I receive income through my corporation or loan out company. Should I declare the gross income paid by employers to that corporation, or just what the corporation paid to me?  

Declare any gross income paid by the employer to you as an individual and/or to your loan out company.  

I had a SAG-AFTRA, SAG or AFTRA job before I joined the union because of Taft-Hartley. Do I include income from that previous job, or only income earned since joining the union?  

Yes, any wages received under the SAG-AFTRA, SAG or AFTRA agreements in 2017 should be included in your earnings calculation for 2017.


How do I submit my income statement online?

Log in to the members-only section of the SAG-AFTRA website


What is the deadline?

Please return the form by mail or fill it out online by February 28.

How can I correct my income statement if I reported an incorrect amount?

You're welcome to re-submit your earnings using the online income statement through the deadline.

I lost my paper income statement. Can I print another one?

No additional hard copies will be provided. You can go online and submit.

What address should I mail the income statement to?


5757 Wilshire Blvd., 7th Floor  

Attn: Document Center

Los Angeles, CA 90036  

Can I email the income statement?

You can scan and email your income statement to:

Do you accept the income statement by phone?

We do not accept income statements by phone. However, you can go online and submit your income statement.

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