As spring turns to summer, it’s time again to update local members on the progress of Local Board initiatives and our various committees. 

The Board has been meeting monthly, as is typical, and has been working with national officers and staff on new programs, including new harassment prevention protocols and the national #AdsGoUnion campaign, particularly as it applies to our new Regional Commercial Code. We hosted a local viewing party for the SAG Awards, a contract discussion for members with experts from both L.A. and New York, and a webinar about general service agreements, which are issued to actors by agents who are non-franchised. Plus, we hosted a contract seminar with local DGA members so they may better understand issues SAG-AFTRA members are having on sets.

Looking ahead, the SAG-AFTRA Foundation will be coming to Georgia for a weekend of training seminars on June 2-3, and we will be posting a notice for our annual member meeting as soon as details and a date can be set, likely at the end of summer.

Further, local staff members Melissa Goodman, Alison Wise and I will be meeting with the Georgia Department of Labor to continue our efforts to strengthen and streamline employment terms for minors.

For those who are unaware, we have welcomed a new staff member and two set representatives since last fall. Be sure to contact Ruth Paul with all your low budget indie questions, and look for Susan Moss and Alexander Hernandez on one of your sets. We are excited that our local team is growing along with the market.

For reports from our standing and ad-hoc committees, click here.

Ric Reitz, President



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