SAG-AFTRA protects commercial performers who work in front of a camera and behind a microphone, but we do not cover work in print ads. Sometimes, however, a print ad campaign may involve shooting behind-the-scenes video — “B-roll” — which is covered by our contracts.

Some producers have been reluctant to hire our members for print ads because shooting any behind-the-scenes video has meant everyone appearing in the print campaign must then be compensated under a SAG-AFTRA contract. Because we don’t want our members to miss out on lucrative modeling/print work, SAG-AFTRA has developed a waiver specifically for these situations.

The new waiver requires producers only to compensate “qualified professional performers” who appear in the print campaign. SAG-AFTRA members will continue to receive appropriate payment and protection, but producers will not have to compensate everyone hired for the campaign under the same terms. Each waiver will apply to one production only.

SAG-AFTRA members are the first choice of casting directors and signatories who want to work with the best, and we want to ensure the best have access to as many job opportunities as possible, while still enjoying the benefits and protections of our contracts.  This waiver is another example of how the union is adapting to a rapidly changing industry.  If you have any questions about the new waiver, please call (212) 827-1454.


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