Scott Rogers 


On Jan. 20, I attended the Executive Committee meeting for three hours, followed by the COL (Committee of Locals) meeting for another four hours. The majority of the Exec Com business was confidential, but much of the action was decided in the National Board meeting, so I will report on what happened there. The same is true for the COL meeting, so I will report on that in the same way.

President’s Report: President Gabrielle Carteris opened the meeting in memory of the members who have passed away since last October’s National Board meeting. Carteris updated the board on the union’s effort to ensure California’s anti-age discrimination law is enforced by the courts. She requested that board members who have asked IMDb to remove their ages from the site share the reply they received from the company with the union.

The National Board overwhelmingly approved a TV/Theatrical contracts negotiations package, developed in the W&W meetings across the country. For obvious reasons, the details of the package must remain confidential.

Carteris also updated the board on the interactive strike and noted SAG-AFTRA would be holding a rally on Feb. 2 in Los Angeles. 

National Executive Director’s Report: David White updated the board on operational matters and highlighted that several digital initiatives have launched, including the online agency portal, which allows agents to submit materials through the SAG-AFTRA website. A portal for casting directors will soon be rolled out, as will an updated version of the popular Production Center. “The terrific work of our IT department means that the union can continue to harness technology to be more responsive to our membership,” said White. “This will enable us to be more nimble as we head into a crucial negotiation and the upcoming national convention.”

This next item is very exciting! Chief Communications and Marketing Officer Pamela Greenwalt and Chief Information Officer Daniel Inukai walked board members through a demonstration of the beta version of SAG-AFTRA’s new mobile member app. The app, which recently cleared final development and testing, is rich with member tools, services and information, including a residuals tracker. The app will periodically be updated. This app is very user friendly and provides access to tons of information!

Finance Report: Chief Financial Officer Arianna Ozzanto reported second-quarter results are tracking ahead of planned revenue, with expenses tracking closely to budget. 

The board approved a finance committee recommendation to hold initiation fees at the current rate of $3,000. Additionally, the automatic increase in base dues from $206 to $210.12 is effective as of the May 1, 2017, dues period.

Government Affairs and Public Policy: The National Board also unanimously approved two of the three constitutional changes that the Hawaii Local Board proposed. Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel Duncan Crabtree-Ireland is going to propose some changes to the third one so that it can be passed too.

The meeting lasted a little over 13 hours.

I will be attending the April National Board meeting in Los Angeles.

In solidarity,

Scott Rogers
National Board Member


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