Professional Representatives

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Professional Representatives

Welcome to the SAG-AFTRA Professional Representatives Department! We are the successor to the former SAG-AFTRA Agency Department, which has now been expanded to assist members in their relationships with any personal managers who have voluntarily chosen to be listed with SAG-AFTRA by agreeing to adhere to the union’s Personal Managers Code of Ethics and Conduct.  

For more basic information on the SAG-AFTRA Personal Managers Code of Ethics and Conduct, please click here.

To find out if an agent is franchised by SAG-AFTRA, please click here.  

To find out if a manager is listed with SAG-AFTRA, please click here.

The SAG-AFTRA Professional Representatives Department is responsible for all agency and personal management needs, including, but not limited to:

  • the interpretation and enforcement of legacy SAG’s Agency Regulations and Contracts, [a/k/a Rule 16(g)], legacy AFTRA’s Agency Regulations and Contracts, [a/k/a Rule 12-C]—both of which have been carried forward and incorporated into the merged Union, SAG-AFTRA—as well as the SAG-AFTRA Personal Managers Code of Ethics and Conduct.
  • providing assistance on contract review, dispute resolution and general guidance on agency/management relationships
  • responding to performers’ questions and concerns about their agency/management relationships
  • investigating member complaints
  • interacting with agents, attorneys, casting directors, managers and other designated performer representatives on all topics
  • mediating disputes between agents and members and/or managers and members in order to diffuse conflicts before arbitration becomes necessary
  • maintaining working relationships with talent agency organizations (e.g., ATA, NATR), and/or management organizations (e.g., TMA)
  • advising members on the terms and conditions of general service agreements (or “GSAs”) (agency contracts used by ATA/NATR agents to represent SAG-AFTRA performers for SAG-covered work only)
  • keeping abreast of new legislation relating to the agency and personal management arenas  and how that can affect SAG-AFTRA members
  • consulting and assisting SAG-AFTRA staff across the country on agency rulings and policy and our members’ relationships with managers
  • facilitating arbitration between members and agents and/or members and managers, when necessary.


For agency questions, please send an email to in Los Angeles or in New York. For manager questions, please send an email to
(Please note: this e-mail address is reserved only for SAG-AFTRA members who have questions about their agents or managers. All other inquiries must be directed to the contact numbers below. Thank you.)

Los Angeles Professional Representatives Department: (323) 549-6745   
New York Professional Representatives Department: (212) 863-4230

PLEASE NOTE: On the left hand side of this landing page, you will see helpful links to agency information (on top) and management information (on bottom).  Please review these links to see if your question can be answered prior to contacting the Professional Representatives Department. The SAG-AFTRA Professional Representative portion of the website can be utilized to download forms for review, review Frequently Asked Questions and search our list of SAG and AFTRA franchised talent agents and/or listed SAG-AFTRA personal managers.

For local agency or management questions, members should first consult their nearest SAG-AFTRA local.

Please note that the Actors to Locate phone service has been transitioned to an exclusively online system through our SAG-AFTRA iActor system. To access the form to register as an industry professional, please click here.

For members needing to update agency information for employment purposes, please download a SAG-AFTRA Representation Update Form here.

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