As part of the member-driven Commercials Organizing and Recapture Initiative, member volunteers have been connecting with performers, both current union members and pre-members, in the improv communities in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City. The most recent outreach in Los Angeles took place at Westside Comedy on April 23 and at the Laugh Factory on May 22. At both events, members participated in a panel discussion on the benefits of SAG-AFTRA and its commercials contracts and the disadvantages of working non-union. 

Since advertisers and ad agencies pursue improv performers and at times have been known to encourage them to work non-union commercials, this type of performer-to-performer outreach is vitally important to the integrity of our union. Outreach and educational efforts will continue and expand as we work to empower all performers with knowledge and opportunity for a better future. To get involved or learn more about our efforts, visit or email



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