SAG-AFTRA is gearing up to negotiate the TV/Theatrical Contracts that expire June 30, 2017. As part of the process, the union needs to hear from you. 

Known as the wages and working conditions process, or W&W for short, a series of meetings are being held in SAG-AFTRA’s James Cagney Boardroom in Los Angeles and nationwide. This is the most direct way that all members can influence and have a voice in the contract negotiations. The negotiating committee and staff use information and observations gathered from these W&W meetings to understand what contract provisions are most important to members and what might need to be modified. In the give-and-take process of negotiations, it is critical for leaders to know the relative value members place on various provisions to secure the best possible deal. 

The W&W meetings will take place Oct. 24–Dec. 2. Prior to that, caucuses have been held for various stakeholders, including background actors, singers, dancers, stunt performers and others. Let your voice be heard! Participate in W&W and have meaningful impact on your contracts.  

The following caucuses have already taken place:

- Sept. 8 – Stunt Performers

- Sept. 13 – Dancers

- Sept. 15 – Background Performers

- Sept. 19 – Singers

- Sept. 22 – EEO/Diversity

- Sept. 28, 7–9 p.m. – Voiceover Performers

- Sept. 29, 7–9 p.m. – Trailer/Promo Announcers 

It is only through the involvement of members that proposals for this vital negotiation are developed. We look forward to seeing you at a caucus or upcoming W&W meeting. For more information, please visit the L.A. Local page or email


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