Call for Submissions for Flicks4Chicks Contest

Flicks4Chicks is a brand-new contest being held as part of the Different Faces, Different Voices film festival.  Its goal is to inspire original fictional stories that delve into the realities of a wide variety of women and girls of differing races, ethnicities and ages as they journey towards being fully realized human beings.

This competition challenges teams of filmmakers to create a unique film (10 min. or shorter) featuring a female as its major character. Men and women are encouraged to apply, but every team must have at least one woman in a lead creative role: producer, writer, director, director of cinematography, editor.

Each team will be given a choice of dramatic situations to pick from and will have from April 1-May 1 to complete and submit their project. 

The Flicks4Chicks contest is open through March 27, 2016 for sign-ups via Film Freeway. Before agreeing to appear in any film, please contact Jalika Conteh at 617-262-8001 or to verify that the film will be produced under the applicable SAG-AFTRA contract.

For more information about the contest, rules, guidelines, and prizes, check out

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