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Local Committee work is a vital and important part of SAG-AFTRA Chicago. Take a look at the list below. Which local committee interests you? For more information or to join a local committee, call the SAG-AFTRA office at (312) 573-8081.


Chair: John Carter Brown
An “as needed” committee between the member and talent agencies for the purpose to clarify pertinent union objectives and plans when required.


Chair: Chuck Stransky
The mission of the Audiobook Committee is to further the opportunity for narrators; increase contract knowledge; expand networking possibilities and support the increase of companies under SAG-AFTRA contracts.


Chair: January Stern
This committee was formed to focus on background performers in our region. Though this market does not have television/theatrical background jurisdiction, the goal of the committee is to collect local data, educate our members and work with national background committee members to promote the necessity for national background coverage.


Chair: Craig Dellimore
Concentration on the unique needs of the broadcaster. Committee members would assist the union with KMRC technology, seminars, websites, etc., relevant to this talent.


Chair: Ilyssa Fradin
This committee’s purpose is to develop relationships in the visual media community. COCO is active in the IPA, AICP and Screen magazine in our efforts for external outreach. It will continue to develop our locally-driven website and external work with the SPC to organize freelance. COCO is responsible for New Member Orientation - a pragmatic welcome to the new member explaining union contracts, services, agents, governance and committee system.


Chairs: Denise Jaeckel and Alma Washington
This committee is responsible for continuing education for the artist. Although its seminars or presentations would focus on the general performer, it is encouraged to incorporate events for the younger performer and advance diversity in the arts.


Chairs: Tony Castillo and Cedric Young
The focus of this committee is to support diversity in the arts by union governance, contract terms and casting. Diversity is formed so the union is adequately aware of those needs protected by the region’s Human Rights Acts and Title VII.


Oversees the conduct of elections.


Chair: Razz Jenkins
This committee keeps the actor and KMRC abreast of the latest technologies that could further the actor’s career, from internet sites to software.


Chairs: George Manisco and Michael Joseph Thomas Ward
The committee’s focus is to fund and update the KMRC with the latest technology to assist members in his/her profession, and to encourage its use by all the Committees. Click here for more information.


This committee is the informational voice of the union by the publishing of articles and reports from staff, officers and guest writers. It is also responsible for editing Playback and Activator.


Chairs: Connie Foster and Parker Gronwold
Members 50 and older re-enact classic radio programs for the public.
Click here for more information.


Chairs: Greta Pope and Joe Wright, vice chair Kevin Smith
Concentration on the unique needs of the singer. Committee members would assist the union with KMRC technology, seminars, websites, etc., relevant to this talent.

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