SAN FRANCISCO (March 11, 2015) --- Today, staff at KGO-AM and KSFO-AM in San Francisco voted unanimously to join tens of thousands of media and entertainment professionals by choosing SAG-AFTRA as their union. The new bargaining unit will cover producers, board operators, web producers and more, for news and talk stations KGO 810 and KSFO 560. The election was conducted at the station on March 11, and the vote was 20 to 0.

In voting to be part of SAG-AFTRA, the bargaining unit joins their on-air counterparts at these two stations, as well as staff at KNBR sports radio, who also recently voted to become members of the union. KGO, KSFO, and KNBR are all owned by Cumulus Media, based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Board Operator Karen Reid said, “We’re pleased to join our on-air colleagues and unite with them for a fair contract.”

“We’ve always supported our off-air coworkers and we’re excited to have them formally join us at the bargaining table,” added KGO-AM reporter Scott Lettieri. “We hope that Cumulus hears our message. Their efforts to put profits before local radio won’t stand.”



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