BookPALS (Performing Artists for Literacy in Schools) is a national literacy program administered
by the nonprofit Screen Actors Guild Foundation.
It’s a unique program of volunteer performers who read aloud to children, showing them the joy of reading.
BookPALS read in school classrooms, hospitals, libraries, and shelters.
Who better to bring alive the magic of books than YOU, a performer gifted in the art of storytelling?

The SAG Foundation would like to know if there are performers in the Washington Mid-Atlantic Local area (especially D.C. and Baltimore)
who are interested in re-establishing a BookPALS program.
Would you like to be a BookPAL? Generally BookPALS read weekly, but situations are flexible.

Yes—I am interested in becoming a BookPAL!

Name:________________________Email:__________________________Where do you live?________________________

Please email toni-ann.syncon@sagaftra.org or call SAG-AFTRA (301) 634-4869:
Learn more about BOOKPALS at www.bookpals.net


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