During the New York Stunt Caucus earlier this year, it became apparent that many stunt performers were unaware of the provisions in the SAG-AFTRA contracts requiring producers to provide parking. This email will clarify the rule, which was discussed at the Contract Informational Stunt Meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 17. 

This rule applies to SAG-AFTRA theatrical productions (including low budget, modified low budget, and ultra low budget), SAG-AFTRA primetime dramatic television programs, and all tiers of high budget SVOD new media productions being produced under the new contract, and states:


  • “When a performer (or stunt coordinator) is required to report for work in the studio zone other than at a studio, Producer shall pay for parking in a supervised public parking lot. If no such public parking is available, Producer will provide supervised or secured parking.”
  • Production can either provide studio lot parking if shooting at a studio, street parking or validate or reimburse garage parking, whichever they choose.
  • Performer should be given parking instructions when they receive their call times. If parking instructions are not provided, performer can ask the 2nd AD (if they are the ones providing call time info) or contact the production office for parking location information.
  • If performer didn’t receive the information in advance, they should ask a P.A. when they arrive on set. If performer had to park in a garage and the ticket was not validated, they should submit the receipt to the production office for reimbursement (they can check with their PA on the appropriate protocol for that show).


If you have any further questions or need clarification, please contact Television Contracts (212) 863-4270, Theatrical Contracts (212) 827-1553, or Field Services (212) 827-1538, or email the New York Local at newyork@sagaftra.org


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