Los Angeles (August 2, 2013) - On August 2, 2013, the ballot tabulation of the Twin Cities Local election was conducted. Please note that some candidates ran unopposed and were declared elected without the necessity of a membership vote. Following are the results of the election. Those positions that required a balloted election are listed with an asterisk*. For complete balloted election results, click here.

Randal Berger* - National Board Member - Four-year term
Bob Davis - President - Two-year term
Peter Moore - 1st Vice President - Two-year term
Leigha Horton - 3rd Vice President - Two-year term
Mark Bradley - Secretary - Two-year term
Randal Berger - Local Board Member - Two-year term
Charles Brin - Local Board Member - Two-year term
Elena Giannetti - Local Board Member - Two-year term
Peggy O’Connell - Local Board Member - Two-year term
Michael Tezla - Local Board Member - Two-year term
Barry ZeVan - Local Board Member - Two-year term
Mark Bradley - Convention Delegate - Two-year term
Charles Brin - Convention Delegate - Two-year term
Peggy O’Connell - Convention Delegate - Two-year term

Those members elected as Local Officers, Local Board members and Convention Delegates, by virtue of their election to those positions, are also elected as Alternate National Board members who may be called upon to serve at National Board meetings when the National Board member from the Twin Cities Local is unable to attend. The National Board member and President, by virtue of their election to those positions, also serve as Convention Delegates.

The newly elected leaders will be installed in office on August 15, 2013

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