During the second day of its inaugural convention on Sept. 27, SAG-AFTRA keynote panel, Conversation From the Leading Edge, explored the impact technology has had on the industry and panelists discussed trends and tips to navigating the digital world and suggestions for creating digital content.

The panel was moderated Keyvan Peymani, head of digital at ICM Partners, and panelists included Terry City, VP West Coast BuzzFeed; Greg Siegel, SVP of entertainment development at BreakMedia; D.A. Wallach, artist-in-residence at Spotify; and Thania Guardino, marketing and accounts exec at Somo Mobile Ltd.

Peymani, who opened the panel said, “Digital media is a story of connection, an intersection between content and audience. [But], it’s increasingly harder for content to break through the clutter.”

“The challenge for consumers now is there’s so much out there. We need to figure out how to get the people using these products only the things they are interested in,” Wallach added.

SAG-AFTRA's 2013 Convention Day 2 Morning Panel album on Photobucket

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