Los Angeles (August 31, 2012) – As a broad coalition of unions and guilds representing labor and the entertainment industry, we join together to welcome today’s passage of the two-year extension of the California Film & Television Tax Credit Program by both houses of the California State Legislature.

On the eve of this Labor Day weekend, we are profoundly thankful that our elected state representatives, led by Felipe Fuentes in the Assembly and Ron Calderon in the Senate, demonstrated their commitment to keeping jobs in California for the tens of thousands of men and women working hard to make a living in the entertainment community.  Their recognition of the critical importance of this industry to California’s economy through this vote, coupled with the substantial success of the tax credit program, will go a long way toward giving California the opportunity to compete on a more level playing field with the many other states and foreign territories that already offer generous incentive programs of their own.

We thank Assembly Member Fuentes and State Senator Ron Calderon once again for their leadership.  We encourage Governor Brown to sign the extension into law and look forward with great anticipation to a more stable environment for all the films and television shows that would prefer to shoot here in California.

Click here to download a PDF of the release.

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