December 21, 2019

Hello Member, 

As the year draws to a close, I want to take a moment to reflect on the spirit of the holidays and the giving season.

Early in my presidency, Bryan Cranston and others asked me to find out if there was a way to have members’ small residual checks directly deposited to the SAG-AFTRA Foundation as a donation. After working with our IT and residuals processing teams, I am excited to share that we have created an automated process for the donation of residuals checks to the Foundation.

The program will go live in late January. You can set the threshold for donations at any amount you choose, but you will have to be signed up for the residuals direct deposit program in order to participate. 

I am always impressed with the generosity and heartfelt compassion that our members show to one another — especially in times of great need. Whether it’s a member in a health crisis, one who is impacted by a natural disaster or educational programming that benefits any member who wants to advance their career, every penny helps protect and support fellow SAG-AFTRA members.

If your New Year’s resolution is to give back — or if you want to extend the warm feeling of helping out beyond December — this will be a great way to help fellow members in need. Stay tuned for sign-up details in January.

Strength in unity,

Gabrielle Carteris 


November 1, 2019

Dear Member, 

Welcome to the first edition of the President’s Update, which is designed to keep you informed in real time about the work being done to support and protect our membership.  There is much to be accomplished in the months and years to come, including major contract negotiations, keeping pace with innovations in technology and building a strong base for the future of this union.  We can only succeed with an informed, active and engaged membership, so it is my hope that these frequent updates will empower you to join me in making our vision a reality.


This is just the tip of the iceberg. Our members are the source of our strength and I am deeply committed to creating opportunities for you to engage in our critical work. Thanks to your input at recent Wages & Working Conditions meetings, we are well into planning for the TV/Theatrical Contracts and Corporate/Educational Contract negotiations.

To stay informed, I encourage you to download the member app or visit regularly and follow our social channels to learn more about how your union is working for you.

Strength in unity,

Gabrielle Carteris 

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