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The SAG-AFTRA Producers Industry Advancement and Cooperative Fund has $1,000 grants available for qualified members.

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Entertainment Union Coalition Joins with Governor Newsom, Assemblywoman Friedman and California Legislature to Enact AB 276

Bill Ensures No California Tax Penalties on Loans Taken from Employer Sponsored Qualified Retirement Plans During COVID Pandemic

News Updates

The New Normal: Making a Difference and Finding Play in the Craft

Our local membership has certainly shifted to our lives and livelihood. Many have chosen to take advantage of the downtime and hone their skills. Members continue to attend the online education workshops provided by the President’s Task Force on Education, Outreach & Engagement, while others build their home studios or find ways to give back to the community. And many are doing all of the above. Here’s how two of our members, actor-turned-real-life hero Michelle Wiesner and voiceover performer Wynt Woody, are handling this new normal.

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