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New York Production Show Sheet

To access the New York Production Show Sheet, download a printable version below in Resources & Downloads. The information contained in this document is current as of the date shown at the top of each page. You must be logged in as a member in order to access this information.

Production companies supply this information to SAG-AFTRA. If a title does not appear on the list, it is because the production company has not yet contacted SAG-AFTRA to register the project. 

Resources & Downloads

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New York Production Show Sheet
Working Background in Theatrical and New Media Low Budget Productions
Background Rates: TV & Theatrical Agreement
Background Rates: Legacy AFTRA, Exhibit A

Signatory Status

Need to confirm the signatory status of a company or project? Make sure confirm the status of any project prior to accepting any work. For information regarding the signatory status of all SAG-AFTRA jurisdictional projects, productions and contracts, New York Local members can contact the Signatory Department at (800) 431-7447 or (212) 827-1425.

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