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As part of SAG-AFTRA New England’s ongoing commitment to create new work opportunities for our members, we are pleased to inform you of the creation of the SAG-AFTRA New England Regional Commercials Code — a new, simplified, and more affordable contract for commercials that are made and played in the New England region. 

This new contract allows you to employ professional talent at a fraction of the cost of a traditional commercial, while at the same time eliminating much of the confusion around paperwork and use fees.

  • The session fees have been greatly reduced to be more in line with local industry standards.
  • All of the rates on this contract are buyouts. As a result, for one simple and affordable rate you can employ professional union talent for your commercials AND secure the rights to all usage for a set period of time!
  • You can choose to sign the code on a per project basis or – for a further discount in rates – sign the full term of the agreement. 
  • SAG-AFTRA has also worked diligently to streamline the paperwork process. Now, producers can have access to professional union talent by completing one simple form.
  • SAG-AFTRA New England can also help you find local union talent by sending casting notices to our local members.

If you would like more information on how you can produce under this agreement and secure professional union talent for your commercials, please feel free to contact the SAG-AFTRA New England Office at (617) 262-8001 or

For a one sheet indroduction of the 2016 New England Local Regional Code, click here

For the full 2016 New England Local Regional Code, click here