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The Official E-Newsletter of the Nashville Local
The Official E-Newsletter of the Nashville Local
June 2014


Dee Bowers

Nashville Local Office Manager Dee Bowers was recently selected as a recipient for this year’s Music Industry SOURCE Award. SOURCE, along with Nashville’s music community, will celebrate the careers of several special women at a black tie awards ceremony on Sept. 23.

The annual SOURCE Awards were established in 2003 to pay respect to and honor the women who helped develop and build upon the foundation of the music industry in Nashville. SOURCE also pays tribute to women who presently make major contributions with their work in the industry. 

Dee has worked for the Nashville Local for over 33 years. She has had a tremendous impact on the success of the Nashville Local and the careers and lives of our members. It is quite an honor when the Nashville music industry recognizes those contributions and honors one of its own.

The board, staff and membership are so very proud of Dee and congratulate her on this recognition of her contributions to our industry and a job well done!

Growing Pains

Pat Alger

By Pat Alger, Local President

Most of us as members of either SAG or AFTRA — and even our dual cardholders — became used to the two unions doing things separately and differently. But here we are in 2014, all of us members of one big SAG-AFTRA union, and it’s taking a little getting used to. Here in Nashville, we are unique in that our legacy AFTRA membership is far larger than the legacy SAG membership — the balance tilts the other way in most other locals. But in Nashville, when you consider the number of royalty artists and working singers and songwriters we have, it’s not that surprising. As Nashville becomes more of a TV and film production destination, we hope to eventually balance that out.

Our loyal and highly proficient staff has been challenged to keep up with the changes in management style and the new protocols of a much larger union centrally administered from a not-very-central Los Angeles. Yet, they continue to provide us with the same incredible service and assistance that makes our small local one of the best in the country. As volunteer leaders, it is equally challenging to keep up with similar changes as well as the problems and issues facing our sister locals all over the country. It is not uncommon for the officers and national committee members to be on hours-long conference calls with dozens of other local representatives — all in the name of serving the members better.

While all of this goes on behind the scenes here on the local level, things operate as smoothly as ever. It is the goal of our staff and elected leadership to serve the members in any way we can — but that can only be completely successful when our members participate in the events and opportunities that we offer. Please check our website and your emails and be aware of what we are doing as a union here in Nashville and join in.

Recently, we had a great deal offered to us by the Nashville Film Festival and I wish more of us had taken advantage of it. Local solidarity is one of the keys to networking here. We are lucky to have active board members who are working in the community, so please bring any union-related problems to our attention as soon as possible. Be aware of the many things we have to offer, including our recording studio and writing room and our First Tuesday shows. As we begin to negotiate contracts for the first time as this larger combined union, please keep your dues paid up on time — we need everyone’s support for this big union to become cohesive and strong.