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The Official E-Newsletter of the Michigan Local
The Official E-Newsletter of the Michigan Local
January 2014


Hi Everyone,

It’s very exciting to be preparing for another conservatory year. If you have been to a class, then you already know that my hope is to have you play an important role in creating the kind of conservatory that suits your needs best.

With that in mind, I would like to ask you, what kind of classes would you like to see this year? We are also looking for a space that is handicapped-accessible to hold our classes. If you know of a space we could use, please let us know.

Lastly, do you have special skills or know of someone who would like to volunteer as a teacher for a class? This conservatory is truly ours, and in working together, we will create an exciting year of growth in our craft. Please contact us.  

Thanks for all of your input,

Nicole Hakim Yohn
First Vice President,
Conservatory Chairperson

Local President's Message

Jane Bower

Hello SAG-AFTRA Michigan Local Members!

I was honored to be a member of the Michigan delegation at the history-making inaugural SAG-AFTRA convention in Los Angeles in September.

Legacy AFTRA conventions always inspired, educated and motivated, and the first SAG-AFTRA convention certainly carried on the tradition. I attended two fascinating workshops that tackled critical issues: organizing, and influencing public policy. I learned so much from our fellow union members from around the country, especially members from so-called “right–to-work” states. Now that Michigan is the nation’s 24th “right–to-work” state, I believe it’s paramount that our union, like other unions, stay ahead of the curve in remaining relevant, proactive and responsive to our members. 

To that end, the SAG-AFTRA Michigan Local is launching something we are calling the Michigan Coffee Connection. Thanks to the hard work of our newly formed Communications Committee, with Board member Debra Port as its chair, we will be hosting a number of informal “coffee chats” at different locations throughout Metro Detroit.

The first step toward strength and solidarity is communication. While social media, email and texting are fast and efficient ways to keep in touch, I think the best communication is done “old school” style, eyeball to eyeball. I really hope to talk with many of you over the coming months. Watch for a Coffee Connection near you and join us!

Jayne Bower
SAG-AFTRA Michigan Local President