Messages of Support and Solidarity

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Messages of Support and Solidarity

Dear Screen Actors Guild Member,

Thank you for your dedication and unity.

More than 1,500 rank and file and highly recognizable SAG members have signed on to the Guild’s “Statement of Support” in just the last three days. We are working hard to get all of the names uploaded to our online list.  You can view the first 1,000 names by clicking this link

If you haven’t signed on yet, please visit the new automated sign up feature at now live on the website.  You can also find the sign up form by going to and clicking on the Solidarity Campaign box.  Visit the website and sign up to show your support for and solidarity with the Guild’s national negotiating team who are fighting to secure a fair deal for actors.

Also take a moment to visit SAG Talk. We’ve posted a new message of support from primetime series regular Dylan Bruno.  Dylan’s letter is a concise actor-to-actor perspective on what’s at stake for working actors in this contract negotiation.   You can find Dylan’s letter on SAG Talk at

We want to hear about your concerns, too, so please send us your messages of support for a “yes” vote as well as your questions.  The working actor’s perspective is important to our success, so tell us what concerns you may have about the current offer — the new media template, the attack on force majeure provisions, the reduction on clip consent rights or other issues of interest.  You can email your comments to (This is an email address and not a live web link.) If you would like to review the AMPTP’s proposals and SAG’s proposals side-by-side, click here to download a copy of the comparison document “Outstanding Issues at a Glance”. It’s the second pdf link in the top window.

Don’t forget to visit the “Empower SAG Vote Yes” group on Facebook where more than 500 people have friended us in just the last few days. Empower SAG’s Facebook friends are uploading videos, news and other links of interest to SAG members working for a fair contract in the TV/Theatrical negotiations.

Thank you for your dedication and commitment to the cause of protecting actors’ rights now and in the future and watch for more information in the coming days.

In unity,

Screen Actors Guild

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